BizTek, Materials Management Solution (MMS) is redefining the way hospitals manage inventory, requisitioning, ordering and all other components of the materials management process. By leveraging next-generation Web and wireless technologies, BizTek MMS enables users to manage all features and function through both handheld and browser-based interfaces, significantly improving flexibility and ease of use over conventional MMIS systems. The solution not only enables superior control of materials management process, but also dramatically reduces upfront installation and maintenance costs. For hospitals looking to replace older MMIS systems, or improve their ability to manage inventory at multiple locations, BizTek MMS is the ideal solution.

Innovative, Web-Based Approach

Architected to meet the needs of busy hospitals materials environments, BizTek MMS is ideally deployed as a fully-hosted solution, offloading infrastructure, maintenance, and upgrade efforts from your IT staff. Implementation throughout the hospital organization is fast and easy because the system is server-based, eliminating the need to install client-side software. And with its simple, browser-based interface, BizTek MMS enables users to get up and running fast.

Fully hosted, outsourced delivery Eliminate the need for your IT staff to invest in hardware and networking throughout your business. Our secure, high availability infrastructure ensures that the system will have maximum up-time with maintenance and upgrades delivered with virtually no impact on in-house staff.


Reduce the need for training with our familiar browser-based interface with drop-down lists and simple forms, enabling users to quickly master features and functions. In addition, users simply log onto the server, from any location, to access full functionality.

Seamless Integration of handheld devices

Enable point-of-use management of the full array of tasks, including inventory counts, transfers, usage transactions, requisitioning, ordering, and receiving with direct support for handheld devices.

BizTek, MMS enables distributor, manufacturer and healthcare facility staff to manage every aspect of the consignment or outsourced inventory management process. BizTek MMS provides distributors and manufacturers with a wealth of valuable benefits including.

  • Automated ordering capabilities based on inventory usage or time intervals, decreasing the risk of stock outs and last minute premium shipments, increasing service levels while keeping inventory low and increasing inventory turns
  • Auto-generated Pos that transmit via EDI reducing time-consuming repetitive tasks
  • Browser-based interface that is accessible from any internet-connected computer, providing field and office personnel with real-time visibility to inventory levels, so that they can respond to demand changes in real-time
  • Integrates with all major ERP systems enabling you and your customers to take advantage of the real time demand information; interfaces include patient billing, GL, A/P, and patient scheduling
  • Enables charge capture, so that users can accurately assign charges to accounts and departments by procedure, location employee or patient
  • Generates inventory reports that help suppliers track and optimize their customers Inventory levels
  • Ensure full, accurate information in the multi-location item master by leveraging electronic catalog updates for product pricing on contract, off-contact, and non-stock items
  • Enhance customer service and satisfaction and differentiate against competitors with an improved service offering


BizTek, MMS includes powerful handhelds for bar code scanning, inventory usage tracking, requisition ordering, receiving inventory transfers, physical inventory counts, order creation and processing pick tickets. Benefits include

  • Point-of-use control over inventory, so supplier representatives can reduce time-consuming, paper-based processes for tracking and reporting inventory in remote inventory locations
  • Optionally, reduce administrative tasks by supplier sales representatives by having healthcare facility staff interacts directly with the system
  • Reduce risk of re-keying errors with handheld devices that virtually eliminate paper
  • Durable handheld devices incorporate large memories, stand up to tough environments and seamlessly integrate with the browser-based solution