PMP NextGenRx
A new era in the fight against prescription drug abuse.

Controlled Substance Prescription Drug Monitoring Programs (PMPs) play an indispensable role in the struggle to control prescription drug abuse nationwide, and have three overall guiding principles, ensuring that:

  • Controlled substances are properly dispensed to legitimate patients.
  • Patients utilizing multiple physicians and/or committing fraud are quickly identified.
  • Clinicians with a pattern of inappropriate prescribing and dispensing are pinpointed.

PMPs improve clinical decision-making, constrain prescription drug misuse and abuse, and identify sources of inappropriate prescribing and dispensing, thus helping to realize our ultimate goal of saving lives from this menace. Regrettably, states have reported several shared challenges with their PMP technology, including outdated information, poor customer support, and long response times for inquiries and reports.

PMP NextGenRx is a leading edge state-of-the-art solution developed by PMP Administrators to precisely deal with these challenges and prepare the PMP, and those who rely on it, to operate in an interconnected world. Our cloud-based solution includes a full range of PMP services which facilitates the collection of controlled substance and other prescription data and reporting on prescribing and dispensing habits. PMP NextGenRx's flexibility allows implementations specific to state legislative and regulatory mandates in order to monitor controlled substance patterns at multiple levels.

Why PMP NextGenRx?

  • PMP NextGenRx is a HIPAA compliant SaaS solution provided on a HITRUST CSF-certified platform that automates compliance at the infrastructure level.
  • Interstate Data Sharing included at no additional cost.
  • Positioned to align with Harold Rogers PDMP Grant, SAMHSA and NASCSA grant objectives, including required reports, along with other capabilities to support grant application and reporting for program enhancement opportunities.
  • High data quality and integrity are assured as a result of tools and patient linking algorithms second to none in the industry.
  • Cloud-based solution on a subscription basis, which includes the PMP software, data migration from any existing system, project management and deployment training and support, prescription data collection, and 24x7x365 US based customer service and support.
  • A premier solution which requires you to only pay for what you use, yet still highly scalable to accommodate your needs as you grow your system. The highest quality at the lowest ownership cost.


  • Provide a comprehensive, intuitive web portal for all human interaction that is branded for each state and compatible with tablet computers and smartphones.
  • Register users via streamlined online registration, including associating uploaded documents such as notarized forms and copies of identification; notify users via email when their attempted registration is still incomplete after a configurable amount of time has passed; notify users in advance via email when their passwords are about to expire.
  • Provide the ability for PMPs to require users to verify their profile information at configurable intervals.
  • Issue alerts that PMP Administrators can initiate regarding urgent events.
  • Provide a manual process for consolidating records that the automatic consolidation process considers uncertain matches and to undo a previous consolidation.
  • Allow review and approval of search requests and responses when required for certain roles (such as certain delegates, investigators, etc.
  • Provide ad hoc and "canned" reports for audit, compliance, diversion prevention; PMP software statistical reports to PMP Administrators, along with the functionality to generate unsolicited reports.
  • Business intelligence tools allow for advanced analytics and reporting, utilizing the full range of functionality of the PMP.
  • Be a flexible, evolving platform to meet future PMP needs.

Data Submitters

  • Validate data according to each state's requirements and report any errors in detail to Data Submitters via a web portal for correction
  • Periodically remind data submitters that they have outstanding error corrections, with a configurable automated email message
  • Pre-validate data in a test file without submitting it to the PMP
  • Receive pharmacy data in a variety of methods and frequencies, including SFTP; real-time transmissions via web services; and manual file upload and UCF entry within Web Portal
  • Receive all data sent in accepted data standards (i.e. ASAP), including drugs of concern and all prescription data, not just controlled substances
  • Import and maintain data such as NDC, NPI, NCPDP and DEA numbers, to be used in conjunction with the pharmacy's imported data
  • Standardize data such as address for better quality and consistency
  • Archive and remove older data for performance and privacy


  • Receive and validate corrected data which the pharmacies submit via the Web Portal
  • Report patient, prescriber, and dispenser data to authorized users
  • Allow authorized searching of prescription drug data
  • Authorize registered users to view reports through user groups and roles
  • Audit user activity for security reporting
  • Encrypt data for secure processing of sensitive and protected data
  • Consolidate person records automatically to combine similar records into a single person record based on proven methodology
  • Base person reporting on the consolidated person records to ensure that a response contains complete information